Inauguration of the AI4Youth project

Inauguration of the AI4Youth project

AI4Youth project was launched at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. It is a pilot educational project implemented by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and Software Development Academy for the Ministry on the basis of the Intel’s AI for Youth program.

AI for Youth (AI4Youth, Artificial intelligence, AI) is a nationwide pilot project. The program aims to teach and help develop competences related to the use of artificial intelligence in order to prepare youth in the best possible way for the upcoming AI ​​revolution, with which economic processes are increasingly associated.

To submit a school to the project, please use the online form:

Teachers and students from 60 schools, 6 cities, at least 3 voivodships (120 teachers, 1800 students) will participate in the project.

Participation in the AI ​​for Youth pilot project is an opportunity to develop competences of teachers and students who will:

learn to use digital technologies consciously,
take advantage of courses conducted by certified trainers,
gain free access to AI tools,
have free access to licensed educational materials,
achieve digital readiness.

The training program was developed by AI experts and educators, including those from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

The program introduces students to the world of artificial intelligence. It arouses their interest in AI, inspires them and teaches them the mechanisms of AI operation and algorithms. This is an opportunity to introduce people with the competences of the future to the job market in Poland.

The participants will learn how to apply AI in specific areas. The tutorial mainly touches on tasks based on the Sustainable Development Goals and allows students to gradually acquire the basic skills needed to use AI in applications.
It also provides a technology tool. It will also allow to practice and test the skills and knowledge about AI.

The AI ​​for Youth program is a project of Intel – an investor who conducts research and development works in Poland, also in the area of ​​artificial intelligence. Intel has developed AI for Youth as one of the world leaders in AI and is implementing this program in partnership with governments around the world.
In Poland, the pilot project is carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Tourism.

The value of the project is over PLN 2.1 million.

The project is financed by the EU, from the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020. It is one of the activities of Inno_LAB – Center for analyzes and pilots of new instruments.