Motion capture workshop at PSNC Future Labs

Motion capture workshop at PSNC Future Labs

On November 26, 2022, the Art&Science space hosted a workshop on motion capture technology. Three demonstrations were presented during the one-day event. The workshop was organized by Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center in cooperation with Animatsuri Association and VocaLive.

Nearly 20 people attended the workshop. Among the participants there were people involved in: 3D animation, programming, dance, artistic practice or computer science on a daily basis.

During the three lecture and workshop sessions, different perspectives and adaptation methods of motion capture systems were presented:

  • Motion capture technology – lecture/workshop led by: Piotr Gramiak (Animatsuri)
    The history of motion capture along with the presentation of available technologies and current trends in the industry, which will certainly be useful to anyone interested in film production, computer games or motion kinetics research.

  • Implementation of motion capture in TouchDesigner – lecture/workshop led by: Paweł Sołoducha (Art&Science Lab)
    Presentation of the motion capture system – optitrack, presentation of camera calibration, building a human skeleton and rigid body using Motive. Setting up a rigid body stream for TouchDesigner and using it to build 3D interactions.
  • Motion capture in artistic practice – lecture led by: Jan Skorupa (Art&Science Lab) and Przemek Degórski
    The use of motion capture technology in artistic practice on the example of the interactive choreographic and musical performance by Musica Posthumana. Description of the interaction system based on Optitrack and a dedicated application designed in Max/MSP.