New POZcast recorded in PSNC studio

New POZcast recorded in PSNC studio

After a break, the publication of the series “POZcast – let’s talk about Poznań” was resumed. The guests of POZcast, initiated by the Foundation for the Development of the City of Poznań, are representatives of business, art, science and social activists important to our city. The technological partner of the project, responsible for the production of audio-video recordings and broadcasting, is PSNC.

POZcasts are carried out on a monthly basis, both in audio and video form. It is a continuation of another local initiative carried out by the Foundation for the Development of the City of Poznań – “Debaty Poznańskie”, the first edition of which was held in December 2020.

One of the first guests of the series was the Director of PSNC – Cezary Mazurek, PhD. In a conversation with journalist Piotr Szulc, they discussed, among other things, what technological changes Poznań needs in order to be more friendly for its citizens. This episode is available on YouTube.

In the latest episode, the guest of Joanna Małecka, editor-in-chief of the “Sukces po Poznańsku” magazine, was the Director of the Poznań Philharmonic – Wojciech Nentwig. The conversation concerned culture in the broadest sense of the term, especially music, but also the concerts and publishing activities of the the Poznan Philharmonic.

This episode, which was recorded in the studio at CBPIO building, will soon be available at: