PRACE-LAB Summit 2022 – Scientific Conference of PRACE-LAB Users

PRACE-LAB Summit 2022 – Scientific Conference of PRACE-LAB Users

The conference of PRACE-LAB Services and Infrastructure Users took place on October 27-28, 2022. The aim of the event was to present the scientific achievements implemented using the PRACE-LAB infrastructure within the framework of national and international research grants.

PRACE-LAB also makes its resources available within the framework of international collaborations LOFAR, WLCG, PRACE. In turn, the data infrastructure was used in projects to build repositories for smart agriculture (eDWIN) or digital collections of the Faculty of Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Topics of scientific presentations included during the conference:

1. The influence of the mass transport model between liquid and gas phases in capillary tubes in the context of pulsed heat pipe operation.
Marcin Opalski, Przemysław Błasiak, Sławomir Pietrowicz, Wrocław University of Technology

2. The use of numerical models in the study of storm phenomena,
Natalia Pilguj, University of Wrocław

3. Conversion of heat into electricity in Peltier-type devices based on ferrofluids. Calculations by quantum chemistry and classical dynamics methods.
Maciej Bobrowski, Gdansk University of Technology

4. Applications of CI TASK supercomputing resources in numerical analyses of flows and noise.
Oskar Szulc, Aerodynamics Department, Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences

The meeting concluded with a workshop on artificial intelligence methods used in application solutions and big data analytics.