Welcome to Droniada 2022

Welcome to Droniada 2022

We invite you to the 9th edition of the technology competition, which is organised for the first time in the form of a multidisciplinary contest. We are talking about Droniada 2022, which will start on June 25 and will last until the end of the month. PSNC is a co-organiser of this event.

This year, the competition will be held at the Muchowiec Airport in Katowice during the UN World Urban Forum. Both academic and open teams as well as individuals can take part in the event. The competition is held in 4 categories: Construction, Tree of Life, Intruder and Relay Race.

The first competition – Demo of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system, will be obligatory for everyone and the goal is to present a short film, introducing the team and its predispositions to participate in Droniada 2022. The second competition – Relay Race – shows the possibilities of drones to support search and rescue and firefighting actions. The third – Tree of Life – tests participants’ remote sensing skills using machine learning and automatic selection systems. The fourth competition – Intruder – is about detecting an unauthorised person at the airport and his bag in terms of the needs of security services but also search and rescue organisations. The fifth contest – Construction – tests participants’ photogrammetry and remote sensing skills using machine learning in simulated conditions of a warehouse construction site.

Droniada is not only an opportunity to win cash prizes, but also to gain valuable experience in the field of technology 4.0. Participants have a chance to join the staff of recognized technology companies or successfully develop their own startups.

More information can be found on the event website.